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  • May17th

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    Hardy Marks Publications is proud to announce the release of our newest book
    deVita Unauthorized. This is a reproduction of a loose-leaf portfolio that was released in a unique limited edition in 2002 that was created by Nick Bubash and Thom deVita. This reproduction allows all those who were not able to purchase the original portfolios to finally enjoy Thom deVita’s unique vision.

    Available now in our online store!

  • October11th

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    Hardy Marks Publications is happy to announce two new books from our library!

    Sailor Jerry Treasure Chest has 40 pages of rare drawings, flash sheets, unfinished works, photos and more that are sure to be a hit for every tattoo shop and fan of The Master’s work.

    Rosie – Folk Art Tattoo Flash is an 88 page book that presents the incredible flash of Rosie Camanga, the naive art tattooist who worked in Honolulu from the 1940’s to late 1980’s.

    Both are available now in our online store!

  • September14th

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    Hardy Marks proudly presents our newest book, Tattoo Travel Book Ben Corday, which has 141 never before seen tattoo designs by the little-known master, Ben Corday!

    Available now in our online store!

  • August30th

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    We are very happy to announce that we will have a new member of the Hardy Marks book family Tattoo Travel Book – Ben Corday coming in September of 2010! This is a beautiful facsimile of the legendary Ben Corday’s design book made for traveling while he was on the road.

    For more information and pictures on Tattoo Travel Book, please see the page on our online store!

  • April26th

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    It recently came to our attention that tiny details are missing in a few designs in our new publication Sailor Jerry Flash, Volume 3. In the initial posting on our website last week we thought this might have occurred at the printer. However, after careful scrutiny we’ve concluded that this was due to a completely baffling technical error within the scanning process. Neither our layout designer nor myself realized that the mysterious erasure of seven small elements (nipples and nostrils) on six different design sheets were present before the scans were sent to the printer.

    We have consulted many people about this and there is no logical answer. I can only chalk it up to “the curse of Sailor Jerry”— a variety of negative and frustrating events relating to his life and legacy that seem to carry on his relentless practical joking and trouble-making while alive.

    Hardy Marks is very happy about the enthusiastic response to this book and all the previous books on Jerry’s work. As this first edition is sold out, we will reprint soon, with corrected scans. The original edition, containing the errata, will be a collector’s item.

    We will continue to print books of classic flash, including collections by people who Jerry looked up to and with whom he communicated—including Brooklyn Joe Lieber, Ben Corday, Owen Jensen, and others. Hardy Marks was the first to bring accurate tattoo history to the public since 1982 and will continue to do so.

    -Ed Hardy, April 2010