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Hardy Marks Publications proudly announces the reissue of the classic and long out of print book New York City Tattoo. First published in 1997, it consists of in-depth, profusely illustrated interviews with the primary tattooers working in New York City prior to the ban on tattooing that went into effect in 1961 and lasted for 36 years.

Cultural historian Michael McCabe, America’s pre-eminent chronicler of tattoo history, gained the confidence of the small, hermetic community of people working in the “wild old days” when tattooing was a marginalized practice. This is a passionate, personal record full of amazing rough and tumble stories from a distant era, light years away from tattooing’s current popularity and acceptance.

New York City Tattoo has been expanded to 144 pages, with even more stunning visuals, a revised author’s forward, and added text about where the tattooers are now. This exciting and invaluable book is still priced at $30, same as 16 years ago.

New York City Tattoo – New Edition
By Michael McCabe
144 pages, softbound
ISBN 978-0-945367-82-6
Hardy Marks Publications August 2013